Colchester United Football Club Wordsearch

A very fun filled book for Colchester Football fans of all ages.  If you are, or know a fan, then this is the book you need!

Doesn't matter if you are a word search expert or just a beginner.  These puzzles are for everyone.

Hours of enjoyment with a number of Colchester football wordsearch puzzles including:

  • Teams through the decades
  • Top scorers
  • Kits, grounds, managers and……
  • The iconic game against Leeds in 1971!

Each puzzle is themed around a topic based on Colchester football club and football.

Each puzzle is on its own page.  You don't need to squint.  There is plenty of room to work out the puzzles.

A perfect gift for any Col U supporter!


  • 40+ large print wordsearch
  • Answers in back of book
  • Colchester United football club themed wordsearch